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Initial user group that will be able to create newsletters in mediawiki.org

QuimGil (talkcontribs)

After a rather long development period, mw:Extension:Newsletter (a volunteer project) is approaching its deployment in Wikimedia, starting with Meta. The last point open in the security review is to define which user group will be able to create newsletters initially (check the link to see the options suggested). In case of doubt, we will go for higher restrictions first, although that might bring more work for Meta admins. Your feedback is welcome, here or in the Phabricator task. Thank you!

MarcoAurelio (talkcontribs)

Quoting myself from phab:T154229#2904838:

"I'd say initial phase should be restricted to administrators and that 'newsletter-create' should be part of the sysop grants by default, at least for now. MM-sender is a group that only exists on few projects but can be enabled w/o much fuss for every project that requests it. I'd not advocate granting this to autopatrollers or other 'easy-to-get' user groups due to the heterogeneous composition of its members and to avoid abuse of the system."

Further to that and as @Glaisher said at phab:T132022#2217768 and I just reminded at phab:T115095#2904840, it seems there's no oversight capability for newsletters, so that can be exploited by vandals. That's why I believe initial deployement should be restricted to trusted users and as long as the major bugs we encounter from this first test in production and those already reported are fixed we can think about expanding the ability to create newsletters to further groups if required. Thanks.

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