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Template:Randomly_featured_article where is?

Orthophilos (talkcontribs)

The Polywiki is out of order. I installed this extension but I need this template to just get a slice a article to show in my portal page and a link do redirect to the article . I have not found a way to do this just using BedellPenDragon extension,and I having difficulties to make a template like that by myself.  Does anyone know where could I get the Template:Randomly_featured_article or how can I handle this ?

Dshinks (talkcontribs)

Hi Orthophilos,

I've just installed this myself for exactly the same purpose, and had the same problem.

I've managed to create myself a simple replacement for the Featured Article functionality. Feel free to use as a starting point if if it helps.

N.B. This solution uses an extension called Labeled Section Transclusion to handle getting a selected section (Denoted with the #lst parser function).

To Call the Template (this example, uses a category called "Main Page Feature")

<randompageincategory cat="Main Page Feature" firstitem="{{Feature|PageName=" lastitem="}}" parse="yes"/>


<div style="border:2px solid green;"><div style="background-color:green;color:white">'''Featured Page:'''{{{PageName}}}</div>


<div style="text-align:right;">[[{{{PageName}}}|Read More...]]</div></div>

Dshinks (talkcontribs)

p.s. I've set up the template to include a section of the article labeled as "summary" using Labeled Section Transclusion.

Orthophilos (talkcontribs)


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