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SSneg (talkcontribs)

Apologies if this has been mentioned but it'd be great if hovercards worked cross-wiki. So that hovering a :de:something link on EN wikipedia would still bring up a card.

Nick Moyes (talkcontribs)

I fully support this idea. The work-around is to individually register with Hovercards on each language you might use. As an editor and researcher who constantly needs to refer to non-EN wikipedia articles which simply don't exist in English, I came here to make to make just that point. - but found you had beaten me to it. (Great minds think alike, eh?)

A bigger question this poses is why can't all preference and choices made in one language wiki be applied across the board to all of them. I have no idea where that suggestion would best be posed. Anyone?

Jkatz (WMF) (talkcontribs)

@SSneg@Parkywiki Thanks for this idea! I just created a phabricator ticket for the first (interwiki hover) and second (interwiki settings). I don't see it as a blocker for rollout, but they are good improvement ideas.

Since you both seem to be interested in hovercards, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts around starting a community discussion raised her: Topic:Syvifbh2u7689ad4

Nick Moyes (talkcontribs)

I'd be happy to follow the discussion and contribute, as appropriate. I'm more of a practical editor than a 'wiki-nerd' so rarely understand the extreme and often pedantic viewpoints expressed by editors here. There is clearly concern that sudden rollout will elicit a loud "turn it off" response, which would be a shame with Hovercards being so useful to everyday users.

Is there not a middle ground (which no-one seems to have suggested yet, as far as I can tell)? I've only myself discovered the joys of changing Preference settings in the last few months (after a year of serious editing and 5 years here in total). Why not use the banner advert, normally reserved for annual fund-raising - to promote the equivalent of 'Wikipedia tooltips'. It could encourage non-logged in users to join up and login to Wikipedia to gain better functionality. And for those who are logged in, it could advertise the benefits of proactively selecting their settings. (A bit like the regular Facebook 'check your privacy settings' reminders - but so much more useful than that!

I keep a log of all my suggestions for improving Wikipedia. Should you be interested, they're added to here: [[User:Parkywiki#Feedback_and_Suggestions]]

Jkatz (WMF) (talkcontribs)

@Parkywiki Thanks for showing your suggestions! I can't wait to review and might reach out to talk about 1-2 of them--at first glance a few look really interesting.

I totally sympathize with your choice to stay out of the dialogue, but also hope you get involved from time to time. Practical editors' viewpoints are really, really important and we benefit from more perspectives.

Interesting idea around the banner as a means to drive feature adoption. We used it on the much-reviled "collections" feature which is currently in mobile web beta (but being disabled tomorrow), and it drove a lot of feature adoption. Unfortunately, asking our readers to login will create a huge stress on our infrastructure due to one of our major cost-saving efforts we use (we serve the same page to everyone unless you are loggedin). So unless we have a really good reason for readers to login (like having saved bookmarks or interactions), we need to avoid it. So for now, we are stuck with all or nothing.

Nick Moyes (talkcontribs)

Glad to be of help with the suggestions.

Interesting explanation about serving up the same page to non-logged in users. I can appreciate the issue now. But why not still consider using the banner as a way to serve up just two optional page formats? (One 'standard', plus one 'feature-enabled') Whether it's a per session choice, or memorable by means of a cookie probably isn't too important. But you would soon get an idea whether or not the vast numbers of real-world users like the feature, and whether they choose to use it. You'd then have the evidence that could inform the decision whether or not to include it in full deployment.

Either way, I hope the sticking cards in Windows gets resolved first. It doesn't put me off at all, but I suspect most people probably expect Wikipedia to work smoothly every time.

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