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Hey there,

We just started using Mediawiki a couple of weeks ago; thus this question might be slightly misplaced (because we do not yet fully understand the setup). I imported all the necessary templates and it looks pretty good so far. One exception: I keep getting a huge list with "needed pages", which looks like this:

TEMPLATE_NAME/doc (so there is always a "/doc" added to an existing template's name):

  • Template:Documentation/end box2/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Template other/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Documentation/start box/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Tl/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Documentation/start box2/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Documentation/template page/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Module:Message box/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:FASummary/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Fmbox/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Infobox/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Lineclear/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • $1‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:PageSummary/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Documentation/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Pp-meta/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Documentation/docspace/doc‏‎ (1 link)
  • Template:Pp-template/doc‏‎ (1 link)

I don't really understand what is going on here... Thanks for any advice! Best, Goofy

Leucosticte (talkcontribs)

When you go to Special:Export, you should check the box that says "Include templates"; then you'll get those documentation pages. (talkcontribs)
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