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Wade.courtney (talkcontribs)

I get this now: Fatal error: Class 'SpecialReasonList' not found in C:\webapps\mtsitwiki\includes\SpecialPageFactory.php on line 335

Because I added this into my localsettings.php

$wgAutoloadClasses['SpecialReasonList'] = __DIR__ . '/SpecialReasonList.php'; $wgSpecialPages['ReasonList'] = 'SpecialReasonList'; $wgBedellPenDragonGlossaryIntros[] = 'MediaWiki:Reasonlist-intro'; $wgBedellPenDragonGlossaryTitlePropnames['ReasonList'] = 'bpd_reason_title'; $wgBedellPenDragonGlossarySummaryPropnames['ReasonList'] = 'bpd_reason_summary'; $wgBedellPenDragonGlossaryWikifyTitles['ReasonList'] = true; $wgBedellPenDragonGlossaryStripFromFront['ReasonList'] = 'Reason:'; $wgBedellPenDragonGlossaryReplace['ReasonList'] = array ( "\n\n" => "\n\n:" ); $wgBedellPenDragonGlossaryAuthor['ReasonList'] = false; // or 'bpd_reason_author' if you prefer $wgSpecialPageGroups['ReasonList'] = 'other';

Commenting them out does nothing to fix the problem and now my special pages page is broken.

Can you help me fix it?


Wade.courtney (talkcontribs)

I got my special pages page back.

I'm kind of confused by the instructions. Do I need to create a ReasonsList? Also you mention farther down the page about creating namespaces. Why?

I'm totally confused.

Thanks W

Leucosticte (talkcontribs)

Sorry, I've made some edits now to try to clarify it. No, you don't have to create a ReasonsList if you don't want one. The concepts behind what make the various lists and feeds and the templates that rely on them work are probably kinda confusing; I confuse myself sometimes, and I created them.

Part of the problem is that we're working with templates and parserfunctions. Tim Starling described MediaWiki wikitext with ParserFunctions as "the ugliest, most inefficient programming language known to man". Nested templates make the situation worse because now you have not only a bunch of parserfunctions with double curly braces but template transclusions with double curly braces and template parameters with triple curly braces. But if I don't use that system, then I have to hardcode everything, and then it's not open for the users to edit. Unless of course I use Scribunto to implement this stuff, but I'm not familiar with how to write modules.

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