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When trying to create this template I ge the blank screen.

Wade.courtney (talkcontribs)

<randompageincategory cat="Featured articles" template="Template:FA" propreplace="$2" propreplacewith="fa_summary" replace="$1" parse="true" stripreftags="true"/>

Leucosticte (talkcontribs)

Please follow the instructions at Manual:Errors_and_symptoms#You_see_a_Blank_Page so we can get more debugging information. Specifically, add the following lines to the LocalSettings.php file, underneath the <?php:

error_reporting( E_ALL );
ini_set( 'display_errors', 1 );


Wade.courtney (talkcontribs)

I changed the value of cat (Did you know?) to be the category I want to use. I saved the template and this was the resulting error message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getText() on a non-object in C:\webapps\mtsitwiki\extensions\BedellPenDragon\BedellPenDragon.php on line 294

Leucosticte (talkcontribs)

Go ahead and upgrade to the latest version and give it another try. The changes may or may not fix your problem; if not, keep coming back; we'll get it eventually. I would say, "Switch over to Semantic MediaWiki" but I don't think it has the capability you're looking for.

Leucosticte (talkcontribs)

I ran into the same problem today and fixed it. That error was cropping up whenever the template page mentioned in the template parameter (template="foo") was nonexistent.

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