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AbuseFilter Extension page update Version by MW Version

Hutchy68 (talkcontribs)

Hi Andrew, just a suggestion for the AbuseFilter page. Make it a little clearer on what version to download for specific MW versions. I downloaded and used master with a 1.19 MW install. Everything seemed fine untill I went to delete a page created by a spammer and then it threw a Fatal Exception error:

Warning: Missing argument 5 for AbuseFilterHooks::onArticleDelete() in ...extensions/AbuseFilter/AbuseFilter.hooks.php on line 271
Notice: Undefined variable: status in ...extensions/AbuseFilter/AbuseFilter.hooks.php on line 282
Fatal error: Call to a member function merge() on a non-object in ...extensions/AbuseFilter/AbuseFilter.hooks.php on line 282

After going back, with some looking I found the head for the REL1_19 and downloaded it. Installed this version and AbuseFilter is now working, page deletions aren't throwing the Fatal Exception error. I think what is confusing, the Extension page shows MW 1.13+, but doesn't distinguish working versions for specific MW versions. Tags page is empty at git too.

Extension is really cool, thanks for making it! Take care--

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