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Viability on the English Wikipedia

Ancient Apparition (talkcontribs)

I don't see LT as viable on the English Wikipedia and where its use is intended for the following reasons:

  1. It's slow and if enabled on the Village Pumps would cause all sorts of strife for users with unstable connections
    The Village Pumps are already slow enough to load as is
  2. It takes up far too much space, the current system ain't broke so why create a problem?
  3. It is not aesthetically pleasing
  4. Wikipedia is not a forum

Did I mention it's slow, laggy and ugly?

P858snake (talkcontribs)
"2. It takes up far too much space, the current system ain't broke so why create a problem?"

Yes it is, And there is requests every so often on the VP:* to get a decent system to replace them.

"3.It is not aesthetically pleasing"'

It doesn't look that bad ((in it's current state) and I quiet like it) but I haven't paid that much attention to the redesign theme ideas.

Ancient Apparition (talkcontribs)

I would certainly love a linear discussion format on the VP, that way people won't get confused as to who's talking to who given how long discussions can become. You don't think this current design is ugly as fuck, because the last thing I'd want is to go to the VPs and have a chunky, laggy, waste of space messaging system, no rudeness intended at you or the developers but this design and its speed is just not viable for enwiki, at all.

Sj (talkcontribs)

I agree with some of your observations:

1) It's important to find a way to load faster - particularly the top part of the page / the first threads. LQT does not load quickly on any of my current machines, even for a talk page this size.

2) You can save a few pixels with a 1-px border, 2px less padding. You can save 1.5 lines (on most displays) by floating the sig and reply/parent/more options to the right of the comment. In the v3 designs, you can move the Reply/Comment/Edit Summary buttons up into the header of that thread/node.

3) I'm not a fan of the current design. However the New design is scrumptious!

4) Talk pages are indeed forums, they simply need to stay on topic. You may be misinterpreting that section.

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