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WikiMiniAtlas is a JavaScript plugin to display a draggable, zoomable, and clickable worldmap in geocoded Wikipedia articles. The map contains links to all other geocoded articles in Wikipedia and can be magnified down to approximate 100m resolution worldwide. While it looks similar to GoogleMaps it is our own software and free data.

Go to White House. Check out the Globe-icon in the top right corner. Click it and drag the map around. Use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out, use the downward arrow to open the config page.

Map data courtesy of GSHHS Coastline Data (public domain), VMAP0 rendered using the Mapnik toolkit, additional data courtesy of the US National Park Service, Landsat7 data courtesy of NASA.

Data Sources[edit]

  • The textual labels on the map are generated from a database by de:User:Kolossos filled with data from de:User:Stefan Kühn combining coordinate data from several different language versions.
  • Thumbnails from commons are extracted periodically from database dumps
  • The default base map is generated from VMAP0 rendered using the Mapnik toolkit. The following VMAP0 layers are plotted:
  • As a big fan of the NPS I also added all US National Parks and Monuments to the VMAP0 base map. (Thanks for the freely available Geodata!)
  • The reduced bandwidth map (coastline) is based on GSHHS Coastline Data (public domain)
  • The physical shaded relief is created by Tom Patterson of the US National Park Service mainly based on Landsat and SRTM30 data. It is in the public domain, downloadable here. To cut the two hemisphere images up into tiles a custom ImageMagick script was used.
  • The Landsat7, daily aqua, and daily terra satellite modes use data by the National Air and Space Administration

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