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Hi. I am Larry Pieniazek, user Lar on the English Wikipedia. See my page (user:Lar) there for more information about me and see my WikiMatrix on meta for info about my other accounts. For best results, leave messages on my talk page (user talk:Lar) on the English Wikipedia, or on my talk page at Meta (user talk:Lar), as I may not see them here. Thanks!

I am a steward (my request, verify, rights log) here and at all WMF projects. If I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to ask.

Please remember that, per policy, stewards do not take sides in disputes, do not decide matters for themselves (instead they seek to understand community consensus), and do not act when local processes exist and provide for a mechanism for the action. Please use the defined pages (such as meta:Requests for permissions, meta:Requests for bot status, or meta:Requests for CheckUser information) rather than direct requests, wherever possible. Note: while I do carry out cross wiki checkuser requests regularly, per steward policy and practice I will not act as a steward on my home wikis (en:wp, en:ws, commons, meta) at all, except in exceedingly rare, emergency circumstances.

If the matter involves a need for discretion please feel free to email me using my email link, and note that you consider the matter private.

Native english speaker {{user en}}
Speak German, level 1 {{user de-1}}

PS - I normally code in Perl, but I know php (and a lot of other langs) more or less.

PPS - this wiki is not within the normal purview of Stewards since it's not technically a WMF wiki. I just like shiny yellow boxes.