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There are several bots in the #wikimedia-toolserverconnect IRC channel:

  • tsbot: shows the current replication lag ("@replag" or "@replag all")
  • msgbot: displays miscellaneous messages, including JIRA bug changes and HQ status notifications
  • wikirc: shows notifications of edits to this wiki
  • Wikilinker: converts wikilinks into real URLs (will also make links to JIRA for links with the jira: prefix)
  • TsLogBot: logs the channel conversation to
  • tsnag: reports issues (primarily high load or being offline) for the servers
  • statusbot: forwards status messages to wikimedia-status
  • WikiLinkBot: Links [[Toolserver:{{subst:ucfirst: }}| ]] and {{:Toolserver:Template:{{subst:uc: }}}} to their real url's. It doesn't show duplicate links, doesn't support fancy interwiki-support (it will just show the, for example, wikt:de: on wikipedia-nl as (which works fine). It supports the !mod-command if needed. See

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