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I found a bug / problem in a particular tool.
  • First look at the status page to see if there is a known problem at the moment (if you are unsure with the result, go to the next step).
  • Check who the author of the tool is. Normally, you can see this in the url: the tool-author's name is after the ~. So, if the url is, the tool-author is dab.
  • Contact the tool-author.
    • The best way to do this is through JIRA. Go to the project-list to see if the tool-author has a project there; if he/she does, file in a bug report.
    • If he/she has no JIRA project, write him or her an email. Every tool-author has an email address in the format
  • Please be patient. Our tool-authors do it for fun, just like you :-).

Toolserver users[edit]

I don't know how to do something.

Check this site! A lot of documentation is available for common issues that Toolserver users will experience.

I need to speak with someone about an issue.

There are two primary venues to speak with other Toolserver users:

No matter which method you use, please remember to be polite and patient.

I need a software package installed.

File a request in JIRA. Be sure to specify which server you want the software installed on!