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Nemo bis (talkcontribs)

For several years now, the future of Wikistats has been declared uncertain, see for instance «future of dump based Wikistats scripts is uncertain (HADOOP will likely take over)» on bugzilla:46198#c2. When can we hope to have some decision/indication of what the WMF is going to do? There are only some scattered and semi-abandoned notes on Meta currently (I'll add links to this page).

Whatever you decide, please remember to give additional points to whatever is more likely to be adopted and co-developed by the sysadmins and users of other thousands of wikis. Wikistats was used by some other large farms and m:StatMediaWiki has seen some usage in the wild; I'm rather certain that almost nobody is going to set up hadoop clusters, on the other hand.

P.s.: I'm playing a bit and sending small patches for the things I find. If we manage to make it more reusable I'd like to run it myself over some tens of thousands dumps wikiteam amassed.

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