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Jon Harald Søby (talkcontribs)

What does this template do that is different from the magic word {{PAGELANGUAGE}}?

Kaganer (talkcontribs)

@Jon Harald Søby: Difference: {{PAGELANGUAGE}} for current page, {{Pagelang}} - for the another page. But "Pagelang2" and {{Translatable}} may be excluded.

Also, citation from "Pagelang2" code: "This template returns the language of the current page. It’s similar to {{PAGELANGUAGE}}, but it works on manually translated pages as well ({{PAGELANGUAGE}} always returns ‘en’ there). It’s also similar to {{pagelang}}, but it returns ‘en’ on non-translated pages (i.e. originals of translated pages), while {{pagelang}} returns nothing on such pages."

Currently, "Pagelang2" template unused in the MediaWiki.org and deleted now. Situation with the {{Pagelang}} is more difficult (in progress).

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