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This template is used to show translatable templates in the language of the current page. Templates, like all other MediaWiki pages, can be translated using the Translate extension, which creates subpages with the form "pagename/language code". The template first checks if the name of the page contains a language code. If it does, it then checks if the template name given as a first parameter has a translation in that language. If the page name does not contain a language code, or if the navigation template doesn't exist in that language, it will display the English template.

This template has alias TNT which means Translatable Navigation Template.

How to use[edit]

  • {{Translatable template|name of template|parameters....}}
  • {{TNT|name of template|parameters....}}
  • {{tnt|name of template|parameters....}}

The above simplified syntax cannot work if the named template also needs to be transcluded in other translatable templates, because it would cause self-recursion of {{Translatable template }}. An alternative is to use {{Translatable template name }} which does not expand the template with its parameters, but only returns the resolved template name, which can then be transcluded normally:

  • {{ {{Translatable template name|name of template}} |parameters....}}
  • {{ {{TNTN|name of template}} |parameters....}}
  • {{ {{tntn|name of template}} |parameters....}}

Example (from Help:Extension:Translate ):

{{Translatable template|Extension-Translate}} or {{TNT|Extension-Translate}}

which includes translated versions of {{Extension-Translate }} if it exists, or the English version if translations don't exist.


The current version of the template may now include any kind of named or numbered parameters, whose values will be transferred into the called template (except for parameter 1 containing the basename of the translatable template to transclude). Numbered parameters will be shifted down by one position, all named parameters will be passed unchanged.

When that's problematic, you can use the special template and noshift parameters:

One named parameter is treated specially:

  • {{Translatable template|template=name of template|noshift=1|1=first parameter of called template|...}}
  • {{TNT|template=name of template|noshift=1|1=first parameter of called template|...}}
  • {{tnt|template=name of template|noshift=1|1=first parameter of called template|...}}

This tntns will be used to specify another namespace from which the translatable pagename will be transcluded, instead of referencing the page name from the default :Template: namespace. Note that this parameter is also passed (without modification) within the parameters of the transclusion.

Example with one parameters (from m:Special:MyLanguage/Global sysops):

  • {{TNT|Special global permissions/Seealso|Global sysops}}

where the second parameter "Global sysops" is the value of the first numbered parameter transferred into called page "Special global permissions/Seealso".


For other wikis: this revision does not require LUA and is simple.

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