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 Before the program[edit]

During the program[edit]

  1. Set development & communication plans with your mentee.
  2. Encourage them to participate in the community bonding period following our guidelines.
  3. Set aside time in your schedule for a weekly meeting with your mentee via video call.
  4. Aim to get a Minimum viable product (MVP) out the door. Fine-tune plans as needed.
  5. Help host new projects created during the program on Wikimedia Gerrit. See Gerrit/New repositories.
  6. Stay in close communication with your mentee.
  7. Require your mentee to submit new code for review often, ideally every alternate day.
  8. Require your mentee to submit weekly reports.
  9. Submit timely project evaluations to organization administrators.
  10. Before the program ends, make sure to document any open tasks, file known bugs or merge leftover code.

After the program[edit]

  1. Share your conclusions of the project in communication channels, wherever appropriate.
  2. Suggest or help with any improvements of our outreach program guides.
  3. Communicate to organization administrators any lessons learned.
  4. Recommend next steps to your mentee in the current project or wherever you think they might fit in our community.