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Adds an extension to Category:Extensions requiring patches and inserts the warning box displayed below. If you only want the warning box, the category can be suppressed by using the optional parameter templatemode=nocats.

patch needed for all versions
{{Extension by patch warning}}
patch needed for versions before 1.31
{{Extension by patch warning|version=1.31}}


{{Extension by patch warning[|templatemode=nocats]|[version=version]}}
  • templatemode=nocats - optional, suppresses categories
  • version - identifies the last MediaWiki version to require patches. Many extensions have been reimplemented to use hooks and configuration variables available in later versions.

Banner for extension pages to indicate that an extension requires (the strongly discouraged) modification of MediaWiki core.

Template parameters


The highest MediaWiki version to require patching.

Template modetemplatemode

Set to 'nocats' to prevent inclusion in [[Category:Extensions requiring patches]].