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Technical Community Newsletter/2020/July

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A quarterly round-up of news from the Wikimedia Technical Community.


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Notes on this issue[edit]


  • The Wikimedia Virtual Hackathon took place May 9-11. Explore the outcomes in the hackathon showcase.
  • The Toolforge project is now using toolforge.org as its DNS domain for naming both infrastructure and Toolforge hosted webservices. This change includes introducing "host-based" naming for webservices. Learn more about the migration to the the toolforge.org domain.

What's new?[edit]

Community metrics[edit]


  • Phabricator: Number of tasks created in Q2/2020: 7755
  • Phabricator: Number of tasks closed in Q2/2020: 7114
  • Phabricator: Number of different people who created tasks in Q2/2020: 1070
  • Phabricator: Number of different people who closed tasks in Q2/2020: 488
  • Monthly breakdown of Phabricator statistics for April 2020, May 2020, and June 2020.


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