Technical Collaboration Guidance


The Technical Collaboration Guidance (TCG) allows Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) Product teams and Wikimedia communities to work together in a systematic way. The TCG establishes best practices for inviting community involvement in the product development and deployment cycle. Its purpose is to document baseline expectations and points of reference for those that choose to use it.




Analyzing conflict and possible solutions around WMF software development, a related presentation in Wikimania 2016 (in video).

The Technical Collaboration Guidance was created as part of a 2016/2017 Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan goal for the Technical Collaboration team to create a systematic approach to community engagement for product development teams. The emphasis in the Technical Collaboration Guidance is on communication - consistency and reliability in sharing and discussing information with interested community members. The TCG explicitly does not focus on the processes of creating software, as development plans are unique to each product, and Product teams determine goals and expected outcomes for their work. Instead, for now the TCG helps to identify the who, what, when, where, and how community members can be reached so that they can participate in the processes that are set up for each project or product.

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