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After a product or project has been conceptualized and discussed, it is important to ask some questions about the product to consider what makes something a priority from a community perspective. These questions are the sort that Community Liaisons ask to themselves and of a product team when preparing and distributing communication about a product. The answers to these questions will influence the product or project's development before any code is actually written. The reasons these questions are important is to make sure that a team is considering potential areas of concern or need in relation to the communities before beginning development.

Things to consider[edit]

Community needs[edit]

  • What problem(s) is this intended to solve?
    • For whom?
    • Based on what evidence? (see below)
    • Did anyone request this?
  • Product name - Is it international? Is it unambiguous? Is it permanent? Has it been reviewed by the Communications team? Is it the same in the code and in the docs? (c. naming things)
  • Is it a local or global extension?
    • Are you affecting people who are not your target? (e.g. French wiki research email, stewards and SWTF[clarification needed], etc)
      • If yes, can precautions be taken to not do so?
  • Where are you discussing this with the communities?
  • Have all appropriate WMF teams been consulted?

Timeline and documentation[edit]

  • Do you have a timeline, no matter how rough?
    • If yes, make sure it is published
    • If no, at least publish an idea of when one might be available
  • Are you documenting this?

Background research[edit]

  • Will this replace an existing tool?
  • Will this break anyone's workflow? To a significant extent?
  • Will it add to editors' workload if it's a success?
  • Has this been tried before, internally (staff or community)?
  • Are there industry standards around this?
  • Does this already exist in the outside world?


  • What can be measured?
  • For how long will things be measured?
  • What will be done with this data?

Product technical specification/questions[edit]

  • What are the allocated maintenance resources? For how long?
  • What are the boundaries of tech support for edge-cases? (blind users of screenreaders, old browser compatibility, text-only feature-phones, etc)
  • Will it scale? (both to small wikis, and to large wikis)
  • Define the product's individual definition of alpha/beta/release

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