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How can I convert the following crontab to the new format?

#m h  dom mon dow   command
@reboot /home/pasqual/
@daily tail -1000 /home/pasqual/public_html/pywikipedia/logs/commands.log > /home/pasqual/public_html/pywikipedia/logs/commands.log
@monthly /home/pasqual/public_html/
@monthly /home/pasqual/public_html/pywikipedia/user_scripts/
30 22 1,15 * * /home/pasqual/public_html/pywikipedia/user_scripts/ -edit
0 23 * * * /home/pasqual/public_html/pywikipedia/user_scripts/ -edit
0 11,19,23 * * * /home/pasqual/public_html/pywikipedia/user_scripts/ -edit
0 22 * * 0 /home/pasqual/public_html/pywikipedia/user_scripts/

Pasqual 13:45, 13 January 2011 (UTC)

Questions or Ideas for improvements[edit]

Converting an existing cron job to use the scheduler[edit]

0 3 * * * cronsub -s mytool $HOME/

"mytool" is how you tell cronsub your tool is named. The output from the tool will be written to $HOME/mytool.out.

  1. Does mytool (and obviously mytool) correspond to mytool or to mytool?
  2. Does mytool have to be the same as mytool?
  3. "The output from the tool will be written to $HOME/mytool.out." == appended to existing or rewritten on every single run?
  4. How to write the tool output elsewhere?

Optional resources: SQL server "sql"[edit]

Which resource should be used, if I connect to "sql" as dns alias? I always connect to "sql" for my user databases. -- 22:46, 11 January 2013 (UTC)Reply

Cluster needed?[edit]

Is it needed to know on which cluster a particular language version is? It's nice to have or - and now I have to look again, on which cluster they are and have to change things, if WMF change things? -- 22:48, 11 January 2013 (UTC)Reply