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How to use Thead and Tfoot?[edit]

Hi i read on your documentation that thead and tfoot are now supported form mediawiki 1.1.18 how i should use to be parsed correctly?

Where did you read this? As far as I can tell, thead, tbody, and tfoot and still unsupported. Reach Out to the Truth 02:57, 30 November 2011 (UTC)
and in the end of this: w:en:Help:Table#Pipe_syntax_tutorial
Use normal wikitext table construction. thead is dynamically added if you make a sortable table, but you can't add it manually. I've tried with wikitext and HTML; it's not possible unless you make the table sortable. Reach Out to the Truth 19:58, 30 November 2011 (UTC)

$wgGroupPermissions now supports per namespace permissions.[edit]

Just what is the implementation? The $wgGroupPermissions still show 1.16 localsettings.php defaults. I would like to introduce a restricted namespace to my wiki. It would be a driving force to my upgrading to 1.18.1. All dependent on my host company updating their libxml2 of course!