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LZia (WMF) (talkcontribs)

@ABaso (WMF) can you check and report the distribution of isAnon=0/1 in your data in the main page? Thanks! :)

Jdlrobson (talkcontribs)

Logged in users will not bypass cache. Would be great to see what percentage of traffic is logged in. If it is small we can probably ignore this type of filtering.

@ABaso (WMF)  needs some time to check.

ABaso (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Will incorporate on the jawiki analysis. Using the following query, it looks like 0.117% of the events were for logged in page views on, for example, jawiki.

select left(timestamp,8) as ts, event_isAnon, event_lazyLoadImages, event_isHttp2, event_loadEventEnd-event_responseStart as roughLoadTimeInitialLagExcluded, event_responseEnd-event_responseStart as roughNetworkTimeInitialLagExcluded, event_requestStart, event_responseStart, event_responseEnd, event_firstPaint, event_domInteractive, event_domComplete, event_loadEventStart, event_loadEventEnd, webHost, event_originCountry, event_mediaWikiVersion from NavigationTiming_15485142 where timestamp > '20160623' and timestamp < '20160721' and event_action = 'view' and event_mobileMode = 'stable' and event_namespaceId = 0 and event_redirectCount is null and event_loadEventEnd is not null and event_domComplete is not null and event_domInteractive is not null and event_responseStart is not null and wiki in ('jawiki', 'tlwiki') order by wiki, event_isAnon, event_lazyLoadImages, event_isHttp2, ts

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