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"but can easily adapted for use with MediaWiki."

Sorry, so you mean you have no intention of modifying them to do so?

Mediawiki is presently broken in concept because of its lack of a reliable restore utility that can examine whatever backup files you have, and make use of them to attempt to construct a new database compatible with the version you have. Literally all useful groupware does this already, without requiring installations of the old/original version in which the backup was created.

Given the "upgrade" scripts etc. it should certainly be possible for a single restore script to examine format of a wide variety of backup files and at the very least determine which version of mediawiki must be installed to read them, which upgrade paths are viable to get to the desired current version, and perform that upgrade or at least provide instructions for it. Without this, there is really no hope of even an experienced system administrator restoring any backup of any mediawiki for which s/he no longer has a working version of the dumped wiki.

This is a huge job, of course, but with 50 "backup" utilities and not one functioning "restore" script / utility, basically the job of "restoring" is one of data salvage - beyond the job of typical integrators or end users.

Which means mediawiki is itself not viable in use long term as groupware in intranets or organizational settings that do not have guru-class experts on staff.

If there is any such general restore script presently being written, please link to it, not some version of a drupal script that has never been modified at all.