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Page Previews solves the core problem of users opening multiple tabs to gain an understanding of a word in the context of the subject they are reading. Whenever a reader hovers over a link to another article, a short summary of the subject, including its graphical image, is provided to them so they can decide whether they need to visit that subject more fully before continuing the current subject.

Please give us feedback on your experience using this feature so we can change and improve it. Each language is welcome in this discussion!

You can read more about the feature here.

Known Issues

Suggestion: End Preview Text At End Of Sentence

2 (talkcontribs)

IMHO, a much-needed improvement to the Page Preview feature would be to have it end at a complete sentence instead of at an arbitrary word limit. Here's an example for the entry Uffizi :

The Uffizi Gallery is a prominent art museum located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria in the Historic Centre of Florence in the region of Tuscany, Italy. One of the most important Italian museums and the most visited, it is also one of the largest and best known in the world and holds a collection of priceless

This preview text would be so much better if it included the full sentence, like so:

The Uffizi Gallery is a prominent art museum located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria in the Historic Centre of Florence in the region of Tuscany, Italy. One of the most important Italian museums and the most visited, it is also one of the largest and best known in the world and holds a collection of priceless works, particularly from the period of the Italian Renaissance.

Could you please pass on this suggestion to the developers? Thanks.

Alsee (talkcontribs)

That sounds like a nice idea when you assume that you will be gaining the end of the sentence. However in reality there's going to be a maximum preview text length, which essentially changes this into a proposal to drop the first half of any sentence that would be incomplete. When viewed that way, displaying the partial sentence is almost surely preferable to not displaying it.

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A way of permanently disabling Page Preview?

4 (talkcontribs)

It keeps coming back and I don't want it!

Why not provide a way of permanently turning this annoyance off?

  1. I dont want to turn off Java. Why should I have to?
  2. It's got nothing to do with the cache or browser settings etc.. The damned thing just keeps resetting itself!
Quiddity (WMF) (talkcontribs)

If you disable it, the setting should be kept in your browser's local storage. (screenshot). If you're using a private window, or if you're clearing your browser's local storage (perhaps via a privacy-extension), it will reset. Otherwise it should be permanent.

If it's not working for you, and you don't match either of those circumstances, please tell us what browser & operating system (win/mac/etc) you are using, list any privacy-related browser-extensions you use, and if possible explain how you can reliably reproduce the bug (i.e. what steps you follow after which it spontaneously resets). Thanks.

CKoerner (WMF) (talkcontribs)

You're correct, you shouldn't have to turn off javascript. The state of the setting should be stored in your browser. Which wiki are you having issues with in particular? [edit: I didn't see the reply by @Quiddity (WMF)]

DannyS712 (talkcontribs)

This was just brought up again on w:en:Talk:Main page - how can a wiki change the default for non-logged-in users? (I'm not saying enwiki will, there has been no discussion of it, but how would it be done? I couldn't find anything in the site javascript that controls this) Thanks, --DannyS712 (talk) 22:12, 2 April 2019 (UTC)

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Page Previews for the Wikipedia: namespace?

Colin M (talkcontribs)

I love this feature. Are there any plans to allow wikis to extend the functionality to articles outside the main namespace? I'm thinking particularly of the Wikipedia namespace on Wikipedia. When reading documents on Wikipedia policy, I often encounter "the core problem of users needing to open multiple tabs to gain an understanding of a word or concept within the context of the subject they are reading" - i.e. that issue that Page Previews so effectively solves in the main namespace. A preview would be especially helpful for the common case where a link uses a non-obvious shortcut, e.g. WP:WPEDIT because WP:GLC therefore WP:PSCI and WP:AWW...

CKoerner (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Hm, I think this would be up to the community to decide. If a project decided this was something they wanted the we could discuss the application.

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Preview image selected on Wikivoyage

Traveler100 (talkcontribs)

Can the logic of which image is selected be controlled? What is the current logic for preview image selection? In English Wikivoyage it is taking the first image given in a listing template. This may be the first point of interest in the See section but more often than not will be the airport or train station in the Get in section, or even the tourist information office in Understand section. Would be better if it used the first image on the page or the Wikidata image, or even cropped version of the page banned. To see example go to region pages for Ohrid or Frankfurt. (talkcontribs)
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Hddty. (talkcontribs)

For example if you preview "United States", that triangle that point to the link make the flag/image not center. I think it should be removed

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Page previews & SRF datatables format

Sochin67 (talkcontribs)

Dear all,

not sure whether this has been discussed already - but obviously page previews are not working in a result table of SRF datatables format.

Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

MediaWiki: 1.31.0

PHP: 7.1.19-nmm1 (fpm-fcgi)

MySQL: 5.7.21-nmm1-log

Many thanks!

Loman87 (talkcontribs)

Hi, I am facing the same issue, do you have any updates?



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Baratiiman (talkcontribs)
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Restoring default settings turns it off for new users

Kyykaarme (talkcontribs)

This feature is on by default for new users, but if the user clicks the "Restore all default settings (in all sections)" link, it actually turns the feature off. I don't know if this is intended behaviour but I just noticed it and thought I'd mention it.

TheDJ (talkcontribs)
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Problematic image previews on election page suggesting a potentially wider problem

Summary by Alsee (talkcontribs)

The preview for this page: (can be previewed from "Next" on this page for example:,_2017)

shows an image of a leader of one specific political party. It is problematic for the preview to show one leader over another in an electoral race that has not begun and and is not decided. Presumably there are similar instances of electoral decisions or democratic debates where the image should be carefully moderated to avoid associating the Wiki article with one or other side or prejudicing the impression of the page before it is opened.

Alsee (talkcontribs)

There is a Phabricator task to allow more control over what image (if any) is selected, however I don't believe there is currently any way to directly control this.

I have moved the infobox and all of the images out of the lead section. It's a pretty crappy workaround, but it should fix the problem for this article for the moment. Other articles are going to run into the same problem though. (talkcontribs)

Cool, I noticed your edit. Is there a way to bring this issue to wider attention? I think it is something that will be manipulated.

Alsee (talkcontribs)

Already done :)

I posted the issue to English Village Pump. It will get plenty of attention there. However this is really a global issue. Getting the message out to other languages wouldn't be easy.

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2A00:23C4:198F:7F00:193D:EB65:3608:F726 (talkcontribs)

Page Preview is completely broken on an iOS device where it won't go away and even when it works as expected it's distracting, covers up what I'm reading and depending on how link laden the page is I have to be very careful how I scroll to avoid distraction.

I appreciate there is a way to disable it but it requires disabling it on all devices. If you at least have away to set it to disabled via a URL parameter then that will make it easier to share across multiple devices and it's a non-issue if the cookie eventually gets expired or culled.

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