A Toolforge tool that allows Tor users (or, anyone really) to suggest edits for review.

When it is running, it'll be at


"... risks perceived by contributors to open collaboration projects include threats of surveillance, violence, harassment, opportunity loss, reputation loss, and fear for loved ones." [1]

Suggesting an edit[edit]

This part is a little finicky. Improving the user experience is next up on the TODO. A web extension for Tor Browser is in the works.

Visit the Suggestor homepage and drag the "Bookmarklet" to your bookmark bar. Note, you may need show it first, View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar (or the equivalent for your browser).

Now, go find a page to edit. Note that it'll currently have to be on a wiki that has VE enabled by default for IP editors (which exclude enwiki, and eswiki, I think. Sorry).

Before clicking the "Edit" button, click on the bookmarklet added above. It should inform you that, "Suggestor loaded!" It's now safe to hit "Edit" and make your changes. The regular VE experience applies, however, after hitting "Save changes" and filling in your edit summary, hitting "Save changes" again will send the edit to Suggestor, rather than recording it on wiki. It should now be visible on the pending edits list.

Approving, or declining, an edit[edit]

First, login at Suggestor. Click the "Login" link and grant permission for Suggestor to make edits on your behalf. Yes, approving an edit means you're taking ownership for the edit. Remember, it was only a suggestion.

Next, visit the pending edits list and view the diffs. If you (dis)agree, you can click "Approve" / "Decline". Careful, there's currently no confirmation.


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