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Part of the Subversion/Code review/guide.

Code review tags
Tag Meaning
parser Parser
frontend CSS & JavaScript & jQuery
api Commits that deal with the API (includes extension modules)
needs-php-test Added functionality in PHP code in need of a unit test.
Tag should be kept until sufficient follow-up commit(s) adding unit tests are also reviewed.
needs-js-test Added functionality in JavaScript code in need of a unit test.
Tag should be kept until sufficient follow-up commit(s) adding unit tests are also reviewed.
i18nreview Internationalization & localisation
scaptrap Gotchas for deployments and upgrades. See the code review guide.
Tag should be kept even after review.
design This revision requires visual review aside from the code.
schema Database schema change
nodeploy Commits in trunks, release branches or WMF used extensions that should not be deployed to the cluster till further discussion is reached.
Branching (see also Branch points)
1.20revert Remove from 1.20 trunk, re-do when trunk is 1.21+
1.19 Merge from trunk to branches/REL1_19.
1.19wmf1 Merge from trunk to branches/wmf/1.19wmf1
1.19revert Remove from 1.19 trunk, re-do when trunk is 1.20+
1.18 Merge from trunk to branches/REL1_18.
1.18wmf1 Merge from trunk to branches/wmf/1.18wmf1
post118deploy This revision should be pushed to the cluster, but it can wait until the dust settles.
1.18revert Remove from 1.18 trunk, re-do when trunk is 1.19+
reverted1.18 Removed from 1.18, but may still need trunk review/fixme.
1.18ok old fixmes that were deemed ok to deploy as part of 1.18, but should still be fixed for 1.19.
1.17wmf1 Merge from trunk to branches/wmf/1.17wmf1.
1.17 Merge from trunk to branches/REL1_17.
1.17revert Remove from 1.17 trunk, re-do when trunk is 1.18+
1.16 Merge from trunk to branches/REL1_16.
live Hack in a wmf-branch. Revert or merge to trunk ASAP.
Unless otherwise noted, tags are to be removed after the revision is dealt with

Reviewer assignment[edit]

If a revision has been assigned to be reviewed by someone, it gets the tag of that reviewer's name.

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