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Results of the first round of testing of Image Suggestions are out

The testing phase of the Image suggestion tool is over, and the first encouraging results are out. Detailed statistics are available on Phabricator.

Overall, the Image suggestion tool has been tested on three different Wikipedia communities - Portuguese, Russian, and Indonesian - with a total of 505 images being added by 324 individual users, with a 0% revert rate. This means that no image added through our tool has been reverted, which is definitely an important result to share!

We are now progressing to a second phase of testing, in which we will expand our current pool of tester communities. For this reason, we reached out to five Wikipedia communities - Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian and Norwegian - to see if they are interested in joining the test.

Updates on Section Topics

We published a new project page on to reflect the latest developments regarding the Section Topics project, which will identify sections in an article and create topics accordingly for those sections.

The new page provides the updated details regarding the first use case we envisioned for the project, as well as an example of section topics extracted from Wikipedia articles, during a test run on English and Russian Wikipedias.

Article thumbnails are now deployed, as part of the Search Improvements project

Article thumbnails were deployed last October 7 on all Wikipedias. The new feature will show a small image preview, whenever available, near to the search results.

This is the first of the planned improvements to Special:Search user interface, about which a general request for comments has been conducted between June and July 2022. Here you can see the difference in the user interface of Special:Search:

SDAW at Wikidata Trainings For Turkic Wikimedians 2022

The SDAW team has been invited at the Wikidata Trainings For Turkic Wikimedians 2022, a three-days event for Turkic Wikimedia projects to improve and enrich the skills of working in Wikimedia projects, primarily in Wikidata. The event will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on October 21-23.

Sannita (WMF) will hold a general introduction about the Structured Data Across Wikimedia project on Saturday 22. The session will be in English, and will be recorded. The full program of the event is available on Meta.

About the newsletter

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