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Collaborative spelling dictionary building tool[edit]

Github Repository : Collaborative Spelling Dictionary


Spelling dictionaries for the major languages of the world (English, Italian, French) help make Wikipedia articles in these languages more readable and professional and provide an opportunity for participation in improving spelling. Many languages don’t have spelling dictionaries. The project aims at developing a collaborative dictionary which shall also have an additional feature of checking spellings of the words. This is to be achieved with the collaborative efforts of the mediawiki community using crowd-sourcing. This can be done as a MediaWiki extension integrated with VisualEditor, and possibly using Wikidata as a backend. We need to create something that's useful as VE module. The essence of the project shall aim to develop an admin panel where the administrator/moderator will be able to manage the submissions: verify the suggested spellings of the words, accept them, reject them, filter and build new versions of the spelling dictionary upon them. A simple start to the project could be by starting with a simple list of words.


  1. Weekly progress reports.


  • suggestions
User Word meaning verified (no by default) related terms (phrases, synonyms,antonyms)
  • admin_panel form
Word meaning
Accept Reject
Reason for rejecting
  • If a word is accepted, verified is set to true, and the word is removed from ‘suggestions’ and added to ‘words’
  • words
Word meaning related terms(phrases,synonyms,antonyms)
  • If rejected, the word is removed from suggestions and added to review_language
  • For rejected words: add the word to review_language table, where other contributors could have a look and suggest meanings and spelling
  • review_language
Word suggested meaning Reason for rejecting
  • Any word from table review_language can be re-edited, and re-suggested, and again added to the suggestions table
  • Words page (visible to admin only):

This page will facilitate editing of already added words. Here, admins can see all the words that are in the dictionary and edit them(change/remove/put into review). If a word is put into review, then it will go to suggestions table and will be treated as a new entry for the dictionary.

Detailed Timeline
Week Number Week Task


Community bonding period

Get to know the mentors, read up the coding practices followed in the organisation and get well acquainted with the organisation. Discuss with mentors and finalize the word addition process and database structures. Finalise the technologies and resources to be used. We have to keep in mind that the overall experience is secure, easy to understand, fast and up to the mark.

Create the basic structure of the application


9th December-15th December

Create the database and the tables for the various languages to record suggestions and the verified words


16th December-22nd December

Write the required wiki pages for the contributors to get started

3 & 4

23rd December-5th January

Create an admin panel with an elementary GUI to accept or reject words

5 & 6

6th January-19th January

Improve the interface of the admin panel as per the standards of mediawiki pages


20th January-26th January

Add more functionality to the admin panel: send mail to the user to ask for improvements in the suggestion(if word is rejected)

8 & 9

27th January-10th February

Create a panel to handle the words in table review_language in order to enhance contribution


11th February-17th February

Implement the words page for admins as stated above


18th February-24th February

Debug the code for errors


25th February-3rd March

Complete documentation as well as unit testing on existing projects


4th March-9th March

Pencil Down State: Finishing up the project documentation of the project.