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Language(s): JavaScript
Compatible with: unknown

Autoedit is Lupin's user-space script that enables automatic page editing via commands in URLs (see also: Manual:Parameters to index.php). To use, you need to include autoedit.js in your personal or global JavaScript (if you have working Pop-ups, you must also have included that) by adding the following lines:



  1. ?title=... – article title
  2. &action=edit – action
  3. &autoedit=... – autoedit script
    • s~ – begin of replace command
    • ... – it will be replaced by next text (may be a regular expression); cannot contain ~ chars, for enter text to empty page (or new section in existing one) keep it empty
    • ~
    • ... – next text ;); cannot contain ~ chars
    • ~g – end of replace command

    Script can contain multiple commands, separated by ;

  4. &autoclick=... – button pressed after autoedit (wpDiff, wpSave, wpPreview)
  5. &autominor=... – is change minor
  6. &autosummary=... – summary of edit


To replace all cat words with dog in article Animals, you can use this command:

Using in[edit]

This function is used in Lupin's Pop-ups script.

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