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Not suitable for present Vector version

Varlin (talkcontribs)

Unfortunately Vector has changed and now the look and feel of this custom skin is not really usable (some tabs are still white, lots of texts are still blue, and in lots of cases the contrast is not good enough to read correctly).

Martynov Maxim (talkcontribs)

Try Skin:DarkVector instead.

Varlin (talkcontribs)

Hi, thanks but I was looking for a skin to apply to Wikipedia, not on a personal wiki.

SungHerSong (talkcontribs)

That skin doesn't work with the collapsible vector extension. ~~~~

Martynov Maxim (talkcontribs)

Well, It was never mentioned that such extension is supported. Also this extension has not been maintained for years.

Reply to "Not suitable for present Vector version"

Here's a version that doesn't break when using the VisualEditor

Summary by Arlo Barnes

link broke (talkcontribs)

Basicially, its the same as Vector-DarkCSS, with the 1em padding removed, and the bottom light blue line removed on active menu items when VisualEditor is up. You can find the CSS here: (talkcontribs)

That link is only good for a year, so if someone could host it somewhere, that'd be helpful. I cant paste it here, as it's autoflagged as spam. Thanks, and hope this helps people.

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