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No function under Mw.1.27 and 1.38

Manbu (talkcontribs)


$wgUser was deprecated in MediaWiki 1.35 and no skin though BT5.2 imported into mediwiki.css (jquery 3.6 is anyway loaded)

MW1.38 : Use of SkinTemplate::buildContentNavigationUrls was deprecated in MediaWiki 1.38. [Called from SkinMediaWikiBootstrap5::getTemplateData in I:\xampp8019_\xampp\htdocs\mw138\skins\MediaWikiBootstrap5\includes\ at line 84]

Appears under Version as ⧼Bootstrap MediaWiki⧽ but --- and doesnt come up at all :

MW1.38 Release notes say : - SkinTemplate::buildContentNavigationUrls is now deprecated. Skins can    use the runOnSkinTemplateNavigationHooks method (( from SkinTemplate.php)) or the SkinTemplateNavigation__Universal hook if they need access to this data.

*** Line 119 array_values(explode(',' , $wgFooterTexts)),

*** Must i i install twbs/bootstrap": "5.1.3" next....I am in a shared hosting. It should be sufficiemt to add bootstrap5.css and ..5.js to mediwiki.css and mediawiki.js

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