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Release status: unmaintained
Vector-DarkCSS screenshot.png
Description CSS overlay to recolour the Vector skin dark
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Latest version 1.1 (2015-02-07)
MediaWiki 1.24+
License GNU General Public License 3.0
Translate the Vector skin if it is available at
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This is a CSS overlay that overrides the standard Vector CSS to recolour everything in dark grey with orange highlights.

As it's a CSS overlay, installation is as simple as copying and pasting the content into MediaWiki:Vector.css on your own wiki.

Installation instructions[edit]

  1. Download the CSS code. (archived version)
  2. Edit Special:MyPage/vector.css on your favorite wiki (Wikimedia wikis support it) or MediaWiki:Vector.css on your own wiki if you own one.
  3. Paste the content in and save the page.
  4. You may have to reload pages and/or purge caches to see style updates.

Uninstallation instructions[edit]

  1. Revert edits to, or blank out, MediaWiki:Vector.css on your wiki.


  • This changes the colour for all users - you can't choose between the normal and dark skins.
  • If user CSS is enabled on a wiki, you can paste it into your own user CSS page on that wiki, i.e. User:Example/vector.css so that you will get the dark colour scheme just for you on that wiki.