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MediaWiki skins manual - category
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Release status: stable

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Author(s) Nischayn22,
Latest version

1.0 (2016-08-13)

MediaWiki 1.27+
PHP 5.4+
License GPL-3.0+
Download Github
Example Demo

Translate the Dgraph skin if it is available at

Check usage and version matrix;

The Dgraph skin was developed for and funded by Dgraph Labs, Inc. but has been released as open source. To see the skin in action visit Dgraph Wiki.


For customization of this skin please contact User:Nischayn22



For general documentation on the use of skins, see Help:Skins.
  • Download and extract the file(s) in a directory called "Dgraph" in your skins/ folder. Note that a base file in the root folder is no longer required in MediaWiki.
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your "LocalSettings.php"
wfLoadSkin( 'Dgraph' );

$wgDefaultSkin = "dgraph";


The project was funded by Dgraph Labs, Inc.. The design was done by Dragan Babic and Danijel Grabež of Sprawsm. Nischay Nahata was the MediaWiki consultant.


  • Please create an issue on github for any kind of support.

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