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(Provided by User:Iantresman)

These instructions are significantly different to those at GitHub, but may work for some installations of MediaWiki 1.25 and greater that already have composer installed.

1. Use an SSH client to connect to your server. eg. FireSSH.
If you already have FTP access, then you may find that your existing FTP username/pw are sufficient.
If you are unable to connect via SSH, and you have a server control panel, it may allow you to create and configure an SSH account. Otherwise, contact your hosting provider.
Once you connect to your server with SSH, you will see confirmation and a command line prompt, eg: -bash-4.1$
2. To discover which directory you are current in, enter the bash command: ls It will list the current subdirectories.
You may need to change directory several times to drill down to your require directory (this will be different for you), eg:
cd mywebspace
cd mydomainspace
cd mymediawiki
cd w (the MediaWiki script directory)
3. To check whether composer is installed, at the prompt, enter: composer
If composer is not installed, you will see a message: composer: command not found, and you will have to investigate how to create composer.phar
If composer is installed, you will see the composer logo in ascii art, and a summary of available commands.
4. At the prompt, enter: composer require mediawiki/chameleon-skin "1.*"
If it all goes well, you will see a number of responses ending without any errors.

Click Expand to see a typical summary of successful responses:

-bash-4.1$ composer require mediawiki/chameleon-skin "1.*"

./composer.json has been updated

> ComposerHookHandler::onPreUpdate

Deprecation Notice: The Composer\Package\LinkConstraint\VersionConstraint class is deprecated, use Composer\Semver\Constraint\Constraint instead. in phar:///usr/lib64/plesk-9.0/composer.phar/src/Composer/Package/LinkConstraint/VersionConstraint.php:17

Deprecation Notice: The Composer\Package\LinkConstraint\LinkConstraintInterface interface is deprecated, use Composer\Semver\Constraint\ConstraintInterface instead. in phar:///usr/lib64/plesk-9.0/composer.phar/src/Composer/Package/LinkConstraint/LinkConstraintInterface.php:17

Loading composer repositories with package information

Updating dependencies (including require-dev)

 - Installing composer/installers (v1.0.23)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint (v0.9)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing symfony/yaml (v2.8.4)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing phpunit/php-text-template (1.2.1)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects (1.2.3)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing phpunit/php-timer (1.0.7)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing phpunit/php-token-stream (1.2.2)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing phpunit/php-file-iterator (1.4.1)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing phpunit/php-code-coverage (1.2.18)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing phpunit/phpunit (3.7.37)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing squizlabs/php_codesniffer (2.3.0)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing mediawiki/mediawiki-codesniffer (v0.3.0)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing twitter/bootstrap (v3.3.6)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing mediawiki/bootstrap (1.1.5)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing mediawiki/chameleon-skin (1.3.0)
   Downloading: 100%
 - Installing justinrainbow/json-schema (1.6.1)
   Downloading: 100%

jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint suggests installing jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter (Highlight syntax in code snippet)

phpunit/php-code-coverage suggests installing ext-xdebug (>=2.0.5)

phpunit/phpunit suggests installing phpunit/php-invoker (~1.1)

Writing lock file

Generating optimized autoload files
The Chameleon skin should now be installed, and available in your MediaWiki preferences.
5. Errors. Although you may be running MediaWiki under a particular version of PHP, it is possible that when you SSH to your server, that it runs under an earlier version (eg. 5.3.3) causing composer to generate an error, and the Chameleon installation to fail. In this case, you have to (a) select a later version of PHP (b) point to your composer executable directly:
  • Instead of entering: composer require mediawiki/chameleon-skin "1.*" Enter:
  • /opt/plesk/php/7.0/bin/php /usr/lib64/plesk-9.0/composer.phar require mediawiki/chameleon-skin "1.*" where:
  • /opt/plesk/php/7.0/bin/php is the full path to PHP v7
  • /usr/lib64/plesk-9.0/composer.phar is the full path to the composer.phar executable.
  • You will need to discover the paths to your PHP and composer.phar on your server.