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ShoutWiki is a free wiki hosting service (also known as a wiki farm) from the United Kingdom. Officially registered in England and Wales (as ShoutWiki Limited),[1] all ShoutWiki hosted sites are powered by the MediaWiki wiki engine. ShoutWiki is known for its various unique MediaWiki extensions (including social tools), along with their ports of various skins (many created from WordPress skins). 许多ShoutWiki的员工亦为MediaWiki的开发人员。可参见ShoutWiki的网站关于ShoutWiki的页面获取更多信息。 ShoutWiki也有自己的Gerrit 群組,由ShoutWiki职员內的开发者们所组成。


ShoutWiki使用了众多Wikimedia姊妹网站都在使用的扩展,此外还使用了他们自行开发的扩展。这些自行开发的扩展的源代码可从Wikimedia的git仓库(官方代码仓库)或这些扩展位于本Wiki的介绍页面上了解获取。访问Category:Extensions by ShoutWiki可见由ShoutWiki编写的扩展列表。 The source code for most of these ShoutWiki custom extensions can be found at Wikimedia's git repository (the official MediaWiki git). See 分类:由ShoutWiki使用的扩展 for a list of extensions written by ShoutWiki.

As of August 2022, ShoutWiki is available with the option of fifteen (15) skins.[2]

Backups and database dumps

There are backups for some of the ShoutWiki wikis by WikiTeam at the Internet Archive WaybackMachine located at

As of 6 June 2012, there are instant database dumps available for individual wikis. See here.


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