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RevisionMove is a new MediaWiki core feature that allows moving one or more revisions from one page to another. The target page can either exist (in which case the moved revisions are merged with existing revisions) or it is created.

RevisionMove, along with RevisionDelete, is part of the effort of making the old deletion schema obsolete. In order to do so, all features of the old deletion schema have to be implemented in the new schema.

Note: As for now, RevisionMove is still considered experimental. Do not use it on an productive system. Also, it is currently only in the SVN version and not yet in any of the stable releases.


In order to use RevisionMove, you must first assign appropriate rights. Due to its experimental status, RevisionDelete is disabled by default. You can enable it, by assigning the 'revisionmove' right to a user group, for example sysops. Put this in your LocalSettings.php:

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['revisionmove']  = true;

Now all sysops will have a 'Move selected revisions' button on version histories.


Old way to move revisions[edit]

Goal: Move revisions X from page a to an existing page b

  1. Delete page a
  2. Selective undelete X in a
  3. Delete page b
  4. Move page a to page b
  5. Undelete a
  6. Undelete b

New way to move revisions[edit]

After assigning appropriate rights (see #Setup), a new button should appear on version histories. Just select the revisions you with to move and press that button.

Bugs, questions[edit]

Please contact User:Church of emacs

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