Readers/Readership metrics reports

Quarterly presentation on core reader metrics for Q2 2017-18 (Oct-Dec 2017)
An example page from the report for the timespan until July 31, 2016

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Regular Readership metrics reports were launched by the Wikimedia Foundation's Reading team in September 2015 (initially published weekly), providing a look at some of the most important metrics measuring readership of Wikimedia sites. Their main purpose is to raise awareness about how these metrics are developing, call out the impact of any unusual events in the covered timespan, and facilitate thinking about core metrics in general. The reports have been sent to Mobile-l and some other mailing lists, with PDF copies of past issues and other material from the reports also being available on Commons. Since 2016/17, this topic has been covered in a quarterly presentation on core metrics that grew out of the appendix to the Readers team's quarterly review/quarterly check-in meetings, which is still published on Commons (cf. examples from May 2017 or February 2017) and announced on mailing lists.

Since December 2015, some core metrics are also being updated regularly at Wikimedia Audiences#Readers (initially weekly, monthly since early 2017, mirroring key metrics reports provided monthly to the WMF Board of Trustees), while the full readership metrics reports transitioned from a weekly schedule to covering longer timespans. These metrics were also examined in the Metrics part of the WMF metrics and activities meetings until late 2016, when that part of the meetings was deprecated.