Readers/Status updates/2018-10


This is the monthly update for 2018-10



  • iOS released version 6.1 to the App Store, which includes the ability to edit Wikidata sourced descriptions via the app interface, similar to the existing feature on the Android app. This feature is not enabled for English articles due to local community override described here.


Reading Infrastructure[edit]


  • Working on fixing performance problems caused by CPU-bound work (T202642)
  • PCS mobile-html: working on a strategy for handling i18n in shared mobile page content composed on the server (T205550)


  • Fixing Tilerator crash caused when attempting to access data subject to a lock in Postgres (T204047)
  • The Stretch upgrade/data loading on the maps cluster continues (T205462)

New Readers[edit]


  • The Structured Data on Commons project shared a prototype of a potential new search interface for content on Commons [2]
    • You can keep up-to-date on their work on Commons [3]