Readers/Status updates/2018-03


This is the monthly update for 2018-03


  • iOS and Android apps are finishing up and about to release synced Reading Lists to stores in mid April. [1]
  • iOS will begin working on user-customizable Explore feed in their next release (similar to what is available on Android now).
  • Android is working on improved user experience, especially improving support for multi-lingual users.


  • Published the results of the Page previews a/b test on English and German Wikipedia
  • Deployed html Page previews to all Wikipedias - now, all html within the article summary will show in Page previews. This fixes a number of outstanding bugs related to mathematical and chemical formulas, bolding, etc. [2]
  • Made changes main page of Hindi Wikipedia on the mobile website
  • Updated the modal for page issues to improve readability

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