Readers/Status updates/2018-02


This is the Readers department monthly update for 2018-02



  • TemplateStyles has been deployed to the Swedish Wikipedia. TemplateStyles is a feature to make it easy to add CSS to templates without administrator privileges. This allows for better adaptability to screen sizes, especially on mobile where are half our total page views. If your community would like to be the next to have the feature, please submit a task. [1] [2] [3]
  • An update to user preferences on mobile web was deployed. The feature allows users to better understand the settings - partially the Beta settings. [4] [5]
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Reading Infrastructure[edit]

  • Released /page/summary 1.3. While the version change sounds like a simple update it's a different implementation. Instead of TextExtracts it's using the lead paragraph from Parsoid and does some things to it to shorten it. There are also more fields. For more details look at the spec. This is used by the apps link previews and on the web by Page Previews.

New Readers[edit]


  • The feature to upload 3D files to Commons has been deployed. [6]