Quality Assurance SIG/20180520

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Special in-person session during the Barcelona Hackathon

Attendees: Elena, Zeljko, Monte, JR

QA Engineering Job Description[edit]

What should we be looking for out of the QA Engineer role? QA means different things to different people, sometimes it means testing, sometimes upstream development improvements, etc... Before we can define this role, we should align on the approach we want to take as an organization on quality and testing.

For example, do we want those positions to be more of an enabler's role, helping developer become better testers, or do we want to hire people to do the testing? More discussion needed.

iOS App Discussions[edit]

Spent most of the session discussing the automated iOS screen capture tool that Monty developed to aid in their sanity testing efforts.

The tool automatically captures hundreds of screenshots that then allow them to quickly review a build to ensure that nothing unexpected happen. The idea is that this would be run once a day and be reviewed as needed.

Also spoke a bit about the iOS build/release process and the impact of our "revert" development culture on an application that cannot revert. They are trying to minimize this impact by pulling more of the business logic out of the apps and placing it in the services.