Quality Assurance SIG/20180119

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Attendees: Elena, Anthony, JR, Erik, Greg, Zeljko[edit]



  • Content Translation page minor changes had significant ripple effects.
    • issues showing up in production due to the nature of the production environment (albeit caught internally)
  • Test case management system: http://www.gurock.com/testrail/. It would be nice to have something to track tests, their results, and their automation status.


  • Mostly engaged in normal daily activities.


  • mostly working on new investigations


  • Stewardship
    • The sunsetting working group came up with a process to help identify and address areas where components/extensions/services don't have active stewards. A couple of extensions have already been submitted, Abuse Filter being one of them. Clearly we're not looking to sunset this extension, but we need to expose it's lack of resourcing and get that addressed with Victoria and Toby's assistance.
    • The goal with code stewardship is to provide support and direction for a component/extension/service. A steward doesn't have to be a single person. The fact that we are discussing stewardship today, doesn't mean that we don't currently have people/teams acting in that capacity today. It's just inconsistent and not really defined. As we look to improve things, such as increase overall code health, it needs to be clear who we can work with to accomplish those longer term objectives. A steward can help faciliate that.


System and Integration testing responsibility[edit]

  • How do we define responsibility when it comes to testing that is larger in scope than any single team?
    • some organizations pursue the creation of separate teams like system test teams. That has it's own challenges and limitations.
    • We could use the QA SIG as a mechanism to define things/tests, Zeljko could even write some of the tests himself, but that doesn't address the longer term maintenance.
    • Discussed the idea of having a rotating group of people from throughout the organization that are responsbile. A little like we've been talking about for Code Health activities. There was a proposal a while ago to have all new folks in the foundation rotate through a reaction team. Other companies have done similar things. To be discussed more.