Quality Assurance SIG/20170915

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Attendees: JR, Elena, Anthony, Greg, Zeljko



  • Zeljko: Ruby selenium deprication notification. Elena mentioned that communication was not the cause of her team's surprise at last email stating the end of life of Ruby Selenium. It comes down to priority. JR:Zeljko discussed creating a series of blog posts, podcasts, techtalks on the topic of testing.
  • Elena: Adding filters functionalty to watch lists. Next Quarter will be focusing on Flow.
  • JR: Tech Debt and Code Health Blogs. Tech Debt SIG session preparations. More people insterested in participating in sessions that originally planned for. Looking to pivot a bit on the session purpose and structure. Agenda to come out today.
  • Anthony: Alot of the same work over the last month. New stuff coming and still working on 3d Media work. All: discussed support for past versions as well as how to determine what needs to be tested for different browser and platform versions.
  • Greg: Sunsetting working group. They are setting scope.

Help Needed[edit]