Quality Assurance SIG/20170818

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Attendees: JR, Greg, Erik, Zeljko, Anthony


   - Check-ins

   - Zeljko: bash/jenkins fun and problems.  Finishing up Webdriver io.
   - Tech Talks - to "series" or not to "series"
   - Greg: How we deploy at Wikimedia, intro
   - CI?
   - Anthony: iOS UI changes due to night/sepia mode.  Android offline compilation abilities are cool. 
   - Erik: Machine learning A/B test.  Increased rate of click through.
   - JR: Spending time on Technical Debt
   - Greg: High quality extensions

   - Hack-a-thon (Montreal) session - What makes a high quality MediaWiki extension?
   * note from session: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/highquality

   - Help Needed