Quality Assurance SIG/20170120

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  • Introductions - All
    • Ohai JR
  • Checkin - All
    • Everyone shares what QA-related things they are currently working on, any issues they are facing with it (where they need help), and any plans for what they'll be working on next.
  • General discussion time
    • Bring up things you are thinking about but aren't necessarily working on


Erik: Search, have own testing setup (due to needed state) Elena: Editing Dept. ORES in Recent Changes, live on Beta Cluster, working with Language team as well now. Content Translation (CX) Greg: yup Zeljko: RelEng, Browser tests, CI, and now doing some SWAT deploys. Leveling up on JS (in support of the JS based browser test framework) and working on Ruby normally.

  • failed mw-core test, also, the videos of test runs seem to be corrupt/something with not playing in browsers
  • Zejko: MW-Core browser tests (JS based) will soon be available to run via commenting "check experimental" on the patch, then soon after that automatically on patch submission