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#wikimedia-office: browser tests weekly triage meeting[edit]

Meeting started by zeljkof at 16:06:59 UTC. The full logs are available at https://tools.wmflabs.org/meetbot/wikimedia-office/2015/wikimedia-office.2015-11-17-16.06.log.html .

Meeting summary[edit]

  • inviting participants from Wikidata meeting to this one (zeljkof, 16:23:21)
  • debugging mwext-mw-selenium-composer job (zeljkof, 16:35:31)

Meeting ended at 16:41:52 UTC.

Action items[edit]

  • zeljkof will contact Wikidata team

Action items, by person[edit]

  • zeljkof
    • zeljkof will contact Wikidata team

People present (lines said)[edit]

  • zeljkof (16)
  • jzerebecki (9)
  • wm-labs-meetbot` (3)
  • Emufarmers (2)

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