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First week training foرواr remote QA staff[edit]

These discussions are intended to take between two and three hours each. Each session revolves around a particular theme, but questions, digressions, and discussion of related topics is encouraged. The training is not intended to be comprehensive on any subject, but instead to be a general in-depth overview of major systems, with the intention of reducing the amount of surprises and unexpected derailments experienced by new hires.

The sessions[edit]

  • First: preparation, resources, getting set up. Email and calendar, the role and content of relevant IRC channels. Mediawiki.org, office wiki, meta, labsconsole etc.
    • #wikimedia-qa: coordination of QA-related work including browser tests, vagrant (local development environment), and the Beta Cluster (shared CI environment)
    • #wikimedia-operations: production cluster related discussions
    • #wikimedia-dev: Code review and bug bot spam along with development related discussions
    • #wikimedia-devtools: Currently (Oct, 2014) focused primarily on the Phabricator migration
  • Second: Current projects, features viewable/testable in beta labs and other test environments e.g mobile view in a browser. Outline details of initial work project or projects. (For Zeljko, this was to implement the first official browser test.)
  • Third: Process management: Bugzilla and Phabricator, more project documentation. Role of QA in overall development, including relation to Bug Wrangler, Community Coordinator, beta labs, management, overall dev staff, management, etc.
  • Fourth: Run down the Staff page on mediawiki.org. Demo a code update and get the change to gerrit using screen share.
  • Fifth: Review previous sessions, general Q&A. Demo ssh to bastion and ssh to deployment cluster with screen share. Detailed discussion of labs in general, including instances.