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Browser tests can identify problems at every level in ways that unit tests and integration tests cannot. Here are some examples of issues we have identified by way of failing browser tests that point to problems with a code mistake, how code manifested in a particular browser, and how the underlying environment itself was configured.

A recent collaboration. This is a great test, it's javascript-heavy and involves navigating through the application.

  • Paired with the E3 team on an acceptance test.
  • A little while later the test found a pretty important bug
    • Note that E3 is actively testing this feature. Browser tests find bugs when humans aren't looking
    • We have video of all of our test runs. This one clearly shows the error.

An older test

A simple test that found a configuration bug unrelated to software.

  • After the EQIAD data center migration this test discovered that the "texvc" library had not been migrated to the new data center.

A recent collaboration with some challenges:

  • Paired with Language team. This test is in process, the way the browser determines whether the Serbian language is presented in Latin characters or Cyrillic characters is complicated.
  • We're telling the browser that we want Serbian in Latin characters, but the browser shows us pages in Serbian using Cyrillc characters

We have Mobile browser tests too

  • They need some love