QR Codes

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There are many projects within the Wikimedia and MediaWiki universe that include QR Codes. This page summarises these.

There are two broad types of use: projects that are about creating QR Codes regardless of what they're used for; and projects that are primarily about where the user ends up when using a code, for which the QR Code is just a convenient way to share a URL. Some cover both.

  • wikipedia:QRpedia
  • https://qrpedia.org
  • The oldest big Wikimedia QR Code project, started in 2011.
  • Generates codes that redirect to Wikipedia articles in the current user's language.
  • Only works on *.wikipedia.org domains
2017 Wishlist proposal
2023 Wishlist proposal
Indic-TechCom gadget
QRCode Generator tool
  • https://qrcode-generator.toolforge.org/
  • Creates QR Codes for any URL (including non-Wikimedia ones).
  • They are SVGs and can be downloaded or uploaded directly to Commons.
  • This tool partially answers the 2023 Wishlist proposal. The next step would be to integrate it to the Wikimedia projects, as a link, button, etc.
Free Knowledge Portal
Taxon-Info tool
QRLite extension for MediaWiki
UrlShortener extension for MediaWiki
BlueSpiceQrCode extension for MediaWiki
OATHAuth extension for MediaWiki